7 Online Classes that Will Transform Your Small Business Finances

Andi Smiles Bernal Heights Online Finance Educator and Entrepreneur

Andi Smiles is passionate about teaching financial literacy. This Bernal resident is part of a new brand of online entrepreneurs and educators. About ten years ago she started a bookkeeping business from home. As the internet changed, she saw the opportunity to help other self-employed business owners online.

Andi believes that everyone has the potential to be good with money. So in 2016 she started a blog; created high quality, educational content about the basics of business finance. She used her clients questions and their confusion as a starting point. Assuming that her readers wouldn’t understand the basics about how to set up and track their own finances, she spelled everything out clearly and concisely.

The result is a blog that’s read by 10,000 people a month. A weekly live Q&A video show she produced from her home office for a year. As well as multiple guests posts and teaching gigs online and in person. She helps thousands of self-employed and small business owners claim their power around both the practical aspects and emotional side of managing money.

Andi has a refreshing take on teaching business finance. She says, “I can set up your bookkeeping perfectly, but if you have any emotional resistance to it, then it won’t matter what I do.” Looking at your relationship to money and “money wounds” is just as important as the systems you set up to track it.

So as the April tax season comes to a close, we’re sharing seven of Andi’s online classes that will make a dramatic difference in your financial health and well being. If you’ve been feeling like this is the year to get your books in order, there’s something here for you.

Bookkeeping Classes That Will Turn You Into a Business Bad Ass:

Andi Smiles Small Business Masterclass

1) May Masterclass: (First of four classes begins May 3, 2019)

The May Masterclass series is designed to get you to take action towards your money. No more excuses and blowing off the money stuff. These classes are clear, concise and organized so they won’t cause you overwhelm.

There are four classes in the series. You can sign up for individual classes or the entire series.

They are:

May 3rd: Design your Perfect Bookkeeping System

May 10th: Pick the Right Legal Entity for Your Business

May 17th: Price Your Products and Services for Profit

May 31st: Make A Sustainable Sales and Operation Budget

2) Bad Ass Business Finance

This is a practical training that will make you feel like “yes, I can do this.” It’ll give you the big picture of your finances so you can see how all the moving parts fit together.

By the end you’ll:

  • Learn what “financial self-care” means and how to do it
  • Understand what tax deductions are, why you need them and what you can write off
  • Know the difference between hiring an employee and a contractor and which is right for your business
  • Get the 411 on filing 1099’s so you’re on top of the legal requirements of hiring people
  • Be able to save monthly for your quarterly taxes
  • Have a tax prep checklist and timeline so you won’t wonder what you need ever again
  • Break out different product or service income streams
  • Choose a bookkeeping system that’s right for you
  • Know how to read a Profit & Loss report to understand the financial health of your business
  • Set financial goals and crush them

3) Essential Bookkeeping Tasks for Your Business:

Get instant access to this $29 training and learn the five most important bookkeeping tasks for your business.

The 60-minute workshop will cover:

  • How often you should be doing your bookkeeping and how long it will take.
  • The most important tasks for your business with a step by step guide
  • Helpful tips to make these tasks easier and as painless as possible
  • Andi’s 5 minutes a day bookkeeping workflow

4) Quick & Dirty QuickBooks Online

This 7-part video training series gives you the essentials to set your bookkeeping up using QuickBooks online. Having the right bookkeeping set up is the first step in your financial self-care.

After this series of lessons you’ll be able to:

  • Set up your own files and add your bank accounts
  • Enter and categorize transactions
  • Create and send invoices
  • Reconcile accounts
  • Run reports
  • Use the Quickbook App to manage expenses on the go

5) How to Automate Your Bookkeeping

It’s possible to cut the time you spend in half and still keep your books organized and up to date. In this $29 training, you’ll learn how a little bit of planning and a few simple tweaks can automate some of your most time-consuming tasks.  

You’ll learn:

  • Which tasks can be automated
  • How to pick and optimize a bookkeeping program to streamline your finances
  • Small changes you can make that will save you time
  • Apps and software to help you keep up with your finances in less than 5 minutes a day

6) How to Pay Yourself So You Have Enough

No matter what stage your business is in, making an owner pay schedule ensures that you’re creating a sustainable business that supports your lifestyle.

By the end of this 60 minutes training you’ll understand:

  • What numbers you need to know before you start paying yourself
  • How to develop an owner pay schedule that meets your business and personal goals
  • The biggest mistakes small business owners make when they pay themselves

7) Panic Free Tax Prep for Self-Employed Rock Stars

A step-by-step workshop that teaches you everything you need to do to prep for your self-employed taxes. And how to make it easier for next year.

Imagine knowing exactly:

  • What you need to include in your tax prep process to save money at tax time
  • How to put the overwhelm to rest because you know exactly how to organize and streamline your tax prep process
  • What systems to implement and make it easier next year!

Ways to Connect With Andi

Andi openly shares her story as a “recovering hot mess” around money to encourage others to believe in their own potential. Her teaching style is informal and funny because talking about money is an emotionally charged topic for most people.

She covers the essentials and specifics of what’s most important to the small business owner and self-employed folks. So her classes and free content are organized, concise and sassy.

If you’re ready to take your financial literacy to the next level, here are a few ways to learn from Andi:

Questions about money? Check out her Blog

Looking for a community of rad businesswomen?

Join her FREE Facebook Group

Have other questions? Email her directly at andi@bffcourse.com or set up a time to chat here

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