2019 Hillwide Garage Sale – Saturday, August 10th

The Bernal Heights Hillwide Garage Sale is just around the corner!

It’s part party and part scavenger hunt.

When you register you get to make a donation to the Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center.

Everyone wins!

The Hillwide Elves have created a slick website (that actually works) and with your donation, they will literally put you, “On the map’.

And what’s the benefit of being on the map, you ask?

Great question!

Marketing and promotion – they will do all the heavy lifting to spread the word about where you and your precious goods are. All you need to do is set your stuff up and watch the dollar bills roll in. When you make a donation, it not only puts YOU on the Hillwide map along with a listing in our blog AND your name on our Official Wall of Fame.

The elves have organized it so you register at Hillwide.com and select your donation level.

$100 – Distinguished Bernal Heights Ambassador

$50 – Hilltop Piano Sponsor

$30 – Bernal Tyre Swing Contributor

$15 – Bernal Rainbow Participant

To make things even easier for you to register you can point your browser to:

Helpful tips to help you prepare here

Register and get on the map here

Check out other listings to find your next treasure here

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Facebook: Bernal Hillwide

Twitter: @Hillwide use #Hillwide2019

We love seeing photos of your martini glasses, grandma’s wicker chair, mismatched tea sets and random shot glasses you picked up on vacation!

So please post on social and use #Hillwide2019