COVID-19 Valentine’s Day: Local Date Ideas and Activities in Bernal Heights

When you buy a house, you’re buying much more than a foundation and a floor plan. You’re buying into a community, somewhere you’ll spend years of your life and create countless memories with loved ones. 

The past year has taken a lot of strain on so many of us. That’s why it’s more important now than ever for 2021 to be about building your own health and happiness, finding safer ways to enjoy every moment. 

By necessity, celebrations look a little different now. But with a little bit of research and a whole lot of love, a COVID-19 Valentine’s Day can be both safe and romantic in Bernal Heights


COVID-19 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Romance does not have to mean eschewing coronavirus safety standards — it just means we need to think creatively and focus more on the human-connection side of Valentine’s Day, rather than the fancy-restaurant-reservations side.

Valentine’s Day has always been about trying to connect with your significant other. In your busy day-to-day of to-do lists and endless Zoom meetings, just taking the time to pencil in a human connection can be tough but incredibly rewarding.

Here are a few foolproof COVID-19 approved ways to spend your Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Candlelit Dinner for Two 

Before Valentine’s Day comes, flex your Google muscles to find the perfect recipe for you and yours to enjoy. If you and your partner enjoy cooking, a recipe that requires multiple steps and preparation can actually be a fun thing to do together. Make it more of an event and catch some fresh air by heading to the Alemany Farmer’s Market for your ingredients.

Cooking with your partner is a fun and intimate way of sharing time together. While the food is simmering on the stove or cooking in the oven, you can enjoy a nice glass of wine (or three) from a local vineyard.

If you want to make the day even more intimate, you can still get all dressed up for your dinner date! 


Rom-Com and Snuggles 

Everyone loves a great movie with romance, passion and maybe some popcorn on the side. 

Although the Bernal Heights Outdoor Cinema season has ended, nothing can stop you from having your own movie night. To replicate the experience with your own outdoor theater, order a projector online and string a white sheet along the side of your house.

Of course, you can just watch movies on the comfort of your couch, but an outdoor experience is a little something different and special instead!


Picnic Over San Francisco 

With many of us stuck inside more than usual these days, it can be thrilling to get out of the house and be a tourist in your own town. One of the best views overlooking San Francisco is right here in Bernal Heights, atop Bernal Heights Hill.

You and your partner can pack wine and your favorite foods to enjoy a sunset picnic with the most incredible views out over the city.


Connections Through COVID-19 

With social distancing rules and much of life now online, the pandemic has disrupted our ability to create a human connection. Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to focus on what matters most: connecting with others. The past year’s drought of human connection has given many of us a greater appreciation for the people around us. Hopefully these Valentine’s Day ideas inspire you to make deeper and more meaningful connections with the people in your life.  

This Valentine’s Day, let’s celebrate our loved ones and our fabulous Bernal Heights community!