6 Bernal Heights Cafes With Open Patios to Grab a Bite

Outdoor seating has always been a nice perk at trendy restaurants and cozy coffee shops, but in the age of COVID-19, it’s essential.


Your local cafe is a great space to read, get some work done, or just enjoy a nice cuppa joe.


Here in Bernal Heights, residents and visitors enjoy some of the best views and friendliest, small-town vibes in all of San Francisco. What better way to enjoy your day than to imbibe a hot, fresh coffee (or an iced rendition, if you’re feeling frisky) in the temperate breezes of Bernal’s famous microclimate?


If you’re looking for coffee shops with outdoor seating in the Bernal Heights area, look no further. Below is your guide.


Let’s take a look at five awesome coffee shops with outdoor seating options in Bernal Heights!



1. Progressive Grounds

400 Cortland Ave

If you’re on the hunt for coffee shops with outdoor seating in Bernal Heights, head to the famous Cortland Corridor to discover Progressive Grounds! They’ve got a lovely little courtyard that provides a peaceful outdoor space to enjoy your coffee.


Looking for a bite to go with it? Progressive Grounds has a great, healthy menu including bagels, lavash wraps, sandwiches, salads, and soup. There’s also a convenient lunch special where you can get a half sandwich and a cup of soup combo.


In the mood for something stronger? You can also grab a glass of wine or a beer to go with your meal. With both Blue Moon and Fat Tire on the menu, it’ll be hard not to be a happy camper.



2. Precita Park Cafe

500 Precita Ave

If you’d rather not be confined to a courtyard, stop by the Precita Park Cafe. Nestled on Bernal’s northeast slope, just across the street from its sun-kissed namesake Precita Park, the cafe offers sidewalk seating to keep you out in the fresh, open air for a safe and comfy dining experience.


With an extensive menu of espresso drinks and some bonus faves like Thai iced tea, you might just want to come back and try them all. Once you’ve had enough caffeine for the day, you can check out some of their delightful and healthy juices and smoothies.


Hungry? No problem. They’ve got a tasty breakfast menu filled with burritos, lox bagels, egg sandwiches, french toast, and more.


If you arrive later in the day, they’ve got you covered too. With a lunch menu filled with a variety of veggie, chicken, turkey, tuna, and pastrami sandwiches, there’s something for everyone. They even have vegan Banh mi! *yum*


If sandwiches aren’t your style, you can also choose from their selection of lovely salads. And don’t forget the little ones — they have some kid-friendly choices as well!



3. Noeteca Wine Bar

1551 Dolores Street

Let’s face it: we’re all tired of being stuck at home. Everything from home tours to doctor’s visits have gone virtual, leaving the whole world with a significant case of cabin fever. If you’re looking for an outdoor coffee shop and wine bar to ease your troubles, look no further than Noeteca!


Yes, “wine bar” is right there in the name, but Noeteca is a coffee shop, too. With a full menu of espresso drinks, hot chocolate and tea, they are certainly not lacking in the hot drinks department.


Noeteca has both a brunch menu and a full menu, so you can be happy and well-fed any time of the day. Their menu is innovative, a great option to check out if you’re in the mood for something more than standard cafe fare.


Located in west Bernal on the border of Noe Valley, Noeteca is just steps away from SF favorite Mitchell’s Ice Cream, too!


Known for their friendly staff and delicious pizza and pasta, Noeteca is sure to become one of your new go-to local spots.


4. CoffeeShop

3139 Mission St

Tucked on the north side of Bernal near neighboring Noe Valley and the Mission, this small cafe is a coffee-lover’s paradise. CoffeeShop boasts a revolving menu of dark, light, and mosaic blends and roasts. With beans from Colombia, Bolivia, Mexico, Guatemala, Ethiopia, and beyond, you can get pour over, brew, cold process, espresso, and Aeropress drinks here.


On top of it’s delicious coffee selection, CoffeeShop offers teas and yerba mate. You can also find cakes, cookies, pastries, muffins, and quiches by a local Bernal Heights baker. What’s better than baked goods? Locally baked goods!


Looking for something even sweeter? They also have rich, delicious chocolate sourced from the Bay Area’s own TCHO.


The selection here is small but carefully curated. To match, the shop is similarly small, and the seating outside is limited. But with its high-quality products and friendly ownership, you’ll definitely want to check this place out!


5. Moonlight Cafe

634 Cortland Ave

Another establishment on the Cortland Corridor, Moonlight Cafe is a family-owned and operated cafe with a great selection of breakfast fare.


Whether you’re looking for an omelet, a scramble, eggs benedict, eggs florentine or more, you’ll find just what you’re looking for at Moonlight Cafe. In addition to a heaping selection of egg dishes, you can also get traditional breakfast fare such as pancakes, french toast, breakfast burritos and waffles.


For something lighter, grab a bagel with a variety of different toppings for your delectable pleasure.


As far as drinks go, you’ll find just about everything you’re looking for at Moonlight. With an abundance of coffee, espresso, tea, juices, and soda, they’ve got something for everyone! In addition to their menu, you can grab scrumptious baked items up front like cakes, pastries, and cookies.


6. Pinhole Coffee

231 Cortland Ave

Yet another local favorite on the Cortland Corridor is Pinhole Coffee. Their unique flavor is summarized in their tagline: “Stimulating senses with coffee, art and community.” Established 2014, Pinhole has a photography-focused vibe, and their coffee is absolutely everything.


Quick note: As a small local spot, Pinhole does not offer outdoor seating, which is contrary to the purpose of this blog. However, customers can quickly pop in to place an order for some of San Francisco’s best coffee. They source their coffee from Linea, a much beloved and award-winning local roaster.


Pinhole’s owner, Joellen Depakakibo, was recently featured in local podcast, StoriedSF. Click here to check out her story and the history of her awesome cafe!


Bernal Coffee Shops With Outdoor Seating: Essential in This Day and Age


San Franciscans should be proud of our collective response to the pandemic. Through all the sacrifice and adjustment to a safer way of living, it’s clear that one of the many luxuries that we previously took for granted was the joy of dining out. Since public health experts believe that the spread of the virus is largely reduced by being outside, we can at least occasionally indulge in some outdoor visits to restaurants and cafes.


Restaurants have been hit incredibly hard by shut-downs all across the country. Not only does going to coffee shops with outdoor seating mean you can get out of the house a little bit, it also means that you can patronize the local businesses that make our neighborhood great!


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